Do You Know That 70% of Breakup In Marriages And    Relationship Is Due To Poor Performance And Unsatisfaction In Sexual Act?

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I don't want to say much here than to go straight to the point because if i start to explain all what we passed through, i cannot but keep writing BUT NOW Ladies outside there are now envy my wife when she made a post on Facebook to know if women loves big penis and long lasting sex. As now Though I satisfy her on bed. See what women are saying below.

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No Need of story !

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In severe cases men can ejaculate as soon as they enter the vagina, or even before.

This affect your confidence and can have a significant negative impact on your relationship.

Premature ejaculation can be the cause of depression in men and an unsatisfactory sex life can be the downfall of the strongest relationship.

By taking this supplement, you won’t desensitize or reduce any sexual pleasure, in fact usually your pleasure during sex and finally reaching climax will be greatly enhanced.

You don’t need to suffer premature ejaculation any longer my dear friend. Get control of your sex life, and become a satisfied and satisfying lover now.

Your decision now will determine your fate!

Are there any side effects?

There are no side effects when using BOOSTER Enlargement Oil and RYDE-ON HERBAL CAPSULE. 

Three things Matter in Marriage, than the fat Cash in your bank account , yes money is important in Relationship

But If You hear Woman saying, I don't joke with My Husband. What she's actually referring to is

I don't joke with My Husband's Performance in bed. And believe me No woman would love to share is capable and Able Husband with another woman

 But Don't forget!
 Same woman Will Quickly Turn to an Enemy, Number 1 Hater, and You will be wondering what you've done wrong If You're Just the 2 minutes and small Dick Type.

The Same woman that say's I won't share My Man with another woman, would be the first to Have it deep with husband's best friend, Boss at office. even to the level of Locking it up with Domestic House boy .

 No! Don't Blame Her, Body no be firewood. It's You that will find all necessary solution to your weakness.

So, let's go Straight To the 2in1 Natural solution enough of stories

1. A Natural Oil That Gives  You Your desired Length in 14-21 days Guaranteed!

No Pill, No enlargement operation, No Pumping.. Just a well Researched Natural Asia Herbal Lubricant Use across the world in helping those with small and tiny Penis to grow in length and thickness Naturally!

BOOSTER Penis Enlargement Oil  ( The Make penis Bigger Naturally)

N11,000 instead of 16000

Is That All... Definitely No Something Sweeter is on Its way for you

The second Product is RYDE-ON HERBAL Capsule... No side effects. This is how it looks like

This powerful combination of herbs gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these two legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day.

* Powerful Antioxidant
* Strengthens the Penis
* Hard Rock Erection
* Increase Blood Circulation and Endurance
* Helps support Healthy Circulation

RYDE-ON HERBAL Capsule contains 60Capsules inside and it is legendary as a tonic, earning its name as the “King of Tonics. ”It has long been used as a dietary supplement and has been shown to have anti-inflammatory effects.

It Kills Premature Ejaculation Faster and helps in making the erection Hard. Imagine with just 2 - 4 capsules in a week , You'll see a result that will make you say wow. and by the time You are done you're done with the whole bottle, You won't have a choice than to send your testimony across.

 This Herbal product is so active, with No side effect, all 100% herb no chemical added with NAFDAC A7-1918L

 it boost men's sexual performance, it dramatically increases libido, it relieves impotency in men by curing weak erection,

 it releases waist pain, it enhances blood flow and promotes stamina, it gives firm and strong erection,

it controls the hormonal imbalance there by increase the blood flow to the manhood tissue for a better growth in length and thickness. 

Infact You wife will have no choice than to call You Bed Champion

RYDE-ON contains healthful polyunsaturated fatty acids, antioxidants, fiber, and protein. If you are looking for a way to make the most out of every moment, RYDE-ON is the perfect option for an Energy Infusion.

  This powerful combination of herbs gives your body back what your busy lifestyle takes out! Together these two legendary herbs pack a powerful punch to help you get through the day.....


My Dear I know You're Ready To Have the fullness Joy of BETTER sex , even If Your problem started from the womb, or it just started! 

in short if you want a length like this

The Result will be massive!

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You will Get a whole N6,000 discount if You get the 2 in 1 Solution

You will pay N20,000 Only Instead N26,000

And If you're getting Just 1 of the 2, it depends on the solution You want!

- RYDE-ON HERBAL Capsule (60 Capsule) only (N15,000 only)

- BOOSTER Enlargement Oil only  (N11,000 only )

- and Both Solution N20,000


And to help you sweeten the deal am giving you an amazing bonus that you cant get anywhere else if you order today.

Here's how:- Once you place your order for both of them. you will also get the amazing product that cures STDs and other infections related to sex.

Bonus  :  "
Togaci Broad Spectrum Antibiotic"

The ultimate solution for stds like; stapph, gonorhea,clamdyia.

The one reason why this is very important is that; most times premature ejaculation is always caused my infections. And without treating them you only sabotaging your efforts.

Best part is that you get this 100 percent herbal antibiotic for free when you place order today.

However, I must warn that ONLY those who place their order FOR BOTH  right away gets this STD killer "TOGACIN  Antibiotic". If you procrastinate further, you may not get it.

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Q. What is the side effect of this Solution?

Answer: This solution has no side effect, and it has been aprroved by Nafdac

Q. Do i have to keep using this supplements always?

Answer: You only have to use this solution once to permanently cure premature Ejaculation.

Q. Can i start having sex immediately as soon as i start using this supplements?

Answer: No, We advice you stay away from sex for the first 4 days of taking this supplement.

Q. what if i mistakenly have sex during the first 10days?

Answer:  This does no harm at all, But its better you stay away from sex so the supplement can take its full course.

Q. Do i have to make payment before delivery?

Answer: No, You only have to make the payment to the delivery man.


Follow The Form Below To Place Your Order

You will only pay when this product has been physically brought down to you face-to-face by our courier company.

Order For Your 2 In 1 Package Confidentially Without Anyone Knowing You Just Placed An Order

Here is How You Can Order For the Solution
Depending on the product that you are ordering for...

*If you are ordering for only "BOOSTER
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*If you are ordering for only "RYDE-ON HERBAL CAPSULE"...
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*If you want to order for the 2 Solution together...
text "BOTH"...


* Full Name
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Product Code (Booster OIL, RYDE-ON or BOTH)

Send This Information as a text message to


NOTE: Your address Must Include Local Government and State. Detailed Enough to make it traceable by our courier company that will come around to deliver to you.

You will get a SMS and call from us within 24 hours to confirm your order before we send it across to you.


Once you get a call from us to confirm your order details your product would be sent to our courier partner and should get to you within 2-7 working days.

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Note : If You Can't Wait For 2-4Days To Receive This (Device's) Or You Want To Travel Out the Delivery Address Provided Within 3 Days After Sending Us Text Msg, Please contact us then we look for a way out in solving the issue.. 

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  Your Men's health specialist and friend
 Isaac Akin